400 Days

I’m tired.

I’m tired of writing post after post about the latest execution of another person at the hands of the #NewKluxKlan.

I’m tired of the media perpetuating the propaganda that fuels the systematic racism this country was built on.

I’m tired of people ignoring reality to remain comfortable in the status quo.


That’s how many days it took for the Chicago police officer that brutally murdered Laquan McDonald to be charged with murder. Like Shaun King said in his piece, it’s a bit too little too late.


That’s how many bullets entered Laquan’s body. Executed like an animal in the middle of the street.

5 million

That’s the amount of the settlement to Laquan’s family without a civil suit being filed.


That’s how many months it took (after intense pressure) for the dash cam footage that documents Laquan’s death to be released.


That’s how many minutes of surveillance footage was deleted from a Burger King’s camera feed that captured the murder.

I haven’t seen the dash cam video. I’m not sure I can handle it. It took days for me to shake the numbing bitterness I felt when I saw the body cam footage of James DuBose’s murder, and this one was much more gruesome.

I pray for peaceful marches that announce to the world that we will not stand for injustices of any kind, especially those committed by those who are supposed to serve and protect all citizens. From the lengths the city went to prevent the release of the footage, to the insane settlement, everything about this case proves why the #BlackLivesMatter movement is needed: because to law enforcement, mass media and a chunk of Americans, they don’t.

I pray people will finally wake up to the reality of what’s going on. Ignoring the issues won’t make them go away.

But most of all: I pray peace over my hometown: not because the crooked mayor wants to save face, but because we need it.