The Tale Of Two Americas

I learned early on in life that we live in two different Americas: one for whites, and the other for people of color. Most white people are only aware of the one they live in, whereas everyone else has to maneuver in both to survive.

We constantly have to analyze and adjust our demeanor and behavior in order to avoid being profiled, labeled, criminalized or murdered just for possessing melanin. What I wear, how I speak, where I go; nothing I do is spontaneous. When you’re black (and a product of the inner city), you don’t make it to 30 being careless. Yet, even when you do everything “right”, you could still die. The Tale Of Two Americas

The Power Of The Boycott

The Civil Rights Movement can be summed up in two parts: marching and boycotting. Marching is definitely important to raise awareness, but the real power in awakening culture is by boycotting the businesses and corporations that aid in the oppression of others.

In other words: mess with their money and they will start paying attention. The Power Of The Boycott

Progress, according to Malcolm X

The definition of progress is “forward or onward movement toward a destination.” As much as we would like to say that we’ve made progress since slavery times, that’s clearly not the case. Nearly 150 years after the abolishment of slavery, there are still systems in place that systematically oppress people of color, with the majority of the non-minority population ignoring that there is even an issue.

We cannot start to embrace progress until we acknowledge that the issue exists. Progress, according to Malcolm X