Cops Stick Together Even When They’re Wrong

James DuBose is one of the latest victims of police brutality in America. Within 5 minutes of being pulled over for not having a front license plate, DuBose was shot in the head and killed by University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing.

In the initial police report, Tensing claimed he was being dragged by the vehicle and was forced to shoot the driver in self-defense. Several officers corroborated Tensing’s story.

Yet, video footage of the actual incident shows Tensing shooting DuBose in the head before the vehicle started moving. Cops Stick Together Even When They’re Wrong

The Perils of Discussing Racism With The Blissfully Ignorant

I try to stay away from asserting my opinion as fact on topics that I have no experience in, and it boggles my mind when others do. With the increase in conversations about race in the last year or so, there have been a lot of polarizing points of view on both sides and, like a lot of people-of-color, I’m exhausted.

Trying to explain systemic racism and its effects to those ignorant of its existence is like debating The Tanakh with Adolf Hitler. The problem isn’t the lack of knowledge on a topic, but rather the unwillingness of some to accept the perspectives of those who actually know and experience it.  The Perils of Discussing Racism With The Blissfully Ignorant

The Power Of The Boycott

The Civil Rights Movement can be summed up in two parts: marching and boycotting. Marching is definitely important to raise awareness, but the real power in awakening culture is by boycotting the businesses and corporations that aid in the oppression of others.

In other words: mess with their money and they will start paying attention. The Power Of The Boycott

Here’s The Transcript of Sandra Bland’s Arrest

Ok, Ma’am. You ok?

Sandra Bland:
I’m waitin’ on you. This is your job. I’m waitin’ on you…

You seem very irritated.

I am. I really am because I feel like what I’m getting a ticket for, I was getting out of your way. You were speeding up, tailing me, so I move over, and you stop me. So, yeah, I am a little irritated, but that doesn’t stop you from giving me a ticket.

Are you done? Here’s The Transcript of Sandra Bland’s Arrest

The Thing About Racism…

Through all of the injustices and tragic deaths caused by individual and/or systemic racism over the last few years, I have kept my thoughts and beliefs about them out of the workplace. Mostly out of professional courtesy, but mostly because it’s an uncomfortable, uphill battle to explain your reality to those who haven’t had to live it. The Thing About Racism…

The Truth About The Confederate Flag

I try to keep my posts as lighthearted as possible, but as a black man I cannot ignore the blatant racism going on in the US, which I can honestly say is nearly as blatant today as it was in the 1960s.

With all the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag, it’s amazing how misinformed and ignorant some are. If you honestly believe that the Confederate Flag is “heritage not hate”, then I apologize in advance for calling you an idiot. The Truth About The Confederate Flag