The First Moment He Experienced Racism Could Have Been His Last

Alex Landau was raised to believe that the content of his character was more important than his skin color. Raised by white adoptive parents, Alex’s world was shattered when he was brutally beaten to the point of unconsciousness by several Denver police officers.

It was at this moment that he realized that it didn’t matter who his parents were or how pristine his background was: he was “just another black face in the streets”.

Like similar stories throughout the nation, despite insurmountable evidence of the corruption and racism surrounding this incident, Landau’s attackers were cleared of any wrongdoing for this incident. In its aftermath, Landau and his mother dedicated themselves to fight against racial profiling and excessive force.

The lack of accountability in law enforcement is sickening. You know something is definitely wrong when the people hired to “serve and protect” are the very ones we need protection from.