The Power Of The Boycott

The Civil Rights Movement can be summed up in two parts: marching and boycotting. Marching is definitely important to raise awareness, but the real power in awakening culture is by boycotting the businesses and corporations that aid in the oppression of others.

In other words: mess with their money and they will start paying attention.

I personally have been boycotting corporations like Wal-Mart (because of their terrible employment practices) and McDonalds (for selling “food” so full of chemicals that it doesn’t decompose) for years, as well as states that are oppressive to African-Americans and other minorities (i.e. Arizona, Mississippi). In addition, I try to support black-owned business as much as I can. It’s sad that African-Americans and Latinos yield the most consumer purchase power, yet most of our dollars are spent outside of our communities.

You can complain about the state of things until your blue in the face, but nothing will change until you force it to.

Here are a few resources that highlight businesses owned by African Americans: