The Truth About The Confederate Flag

I try to keep my posts as lighthearted as possible, but as a black man I cannot ignore the blatant racism going on in the US, which I can honestly say is nearly as blatant today as it was in the 1960s.

With all the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag, it’s amazing how misinformed and ignorant some are. If you honestly believe that the Confederate Flag is “heritage not hate”, then I apologize in advance for calling you an idiot.


The Young Turks released a video that details the actual history of the Confederate Flag, including the fact that the flag most know as the Confederate Flag is NOT THE ACTUAL CONFEDERATE FLAG.

There are a couple of judgments they make that are reaching a bit, but the historical accuracy of this is spot-on: the Confederacy was for the preservation of slavery, and the southern states that claim to be the most patriotic actually relinquished their desire to be American.


(originally posted on No Average Journey)