What happened to Antonio Martin?

He was 18.
He was unarmed.
He was with his mother and girlfriend when he was shot @ 11:30pm on December 23, 2014 by police.
He was shot for fitting the description of a suspect.
He was alive for 30 mins after he was shot.
Police left his body there for 2 hours.
Instead of calling for an ambulance police called for crowd control.
Police wouldn’t let his mother comfort him while he laid there dying.
Police planted a gun after there were pictures of there being no gun.
Police body cams were off.
Police dash cam was off.
Police used security footage that cuts off right before the shooting.
Police put his body in the back of an SUV like he was something other than human.
Police laughed at people grieving in the crowd.

– via 2Visa (blog no longer active)