400 Days

I’m tired.

I’m tired of writing post after post about the latest execution of another person at the hands of the #NewKluxKlan.

I’m tired of the media perpetuating the propaganda that fuels the systematic racism this country was built on.

I’m tired of people ignoring reality to remain comfortable in the status quo.

400 Days

Who Is Policing The Police?

Yvette Smith called the police with the hope that they could “serve and protect” her from a dispute between two men that she felt was getting out of hand. Yet, within two seconds of her opening the door to the officers answering the call, the unarmed mother is shot and killed by one of them.

The officers say she was armed and ignored their commands. These claims were corroborated by their supervising officer. Yet, dash-cam footage disproved them all.

It would be easy to call “racism” in this case, as the victim was black and the officer is white. However, as we saw with the Zachary Hammond case, there is a larger issue at hand: the overall lack of accountability in police departments that allow officers to avoid the consequences of their actions. Who Is Policing The Police?

What A Difference Humanity Makes

It’s easy to write the less-fortunate off as lazy or problematic. It takes courage and compassion to treat them as an equal, do what you can to help, and see what they do with it.

Kudos to the Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, NY. In an age where felons are deemed unemployable, their practice of providing jobs to anyone who signs up, regardless of their criminal or social background, is simply incredible.

It’s amazing to see the transformation that can take place simply by giving people an opportunity. What A Difference Humanity Makes

Trevor Noah on Colonization

A few months before taking over as host of The Daily Show, comedian Trevor Noah appeared on The John Bishop Show in the UK and the topic of his set was colonization.

It takes real skill to be able to bring humor (and knowledge) to such a sensitive subject, especially in the very country that benefited most from it. While a lot of people are upset that Trevor was chosen as John Stewart’s successor, I actually look forward to seeing where he takes the show… especially if he brings it like he does in this clip.


The Problematic Concept of “Black On Black Crime”

Someone needs to come get Clarence Thomas’ sister.

A woman went on a video rant last week about her issues with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. After her video went viral, she then took her misguided thoughts on a bit of a media tour. While she has the right to her anger, her thought process is severely flawed; when a message has speckles of truth surrounded by poison, it’s still counterproductive. The Problematic Concept of “Black On Black Crime”