Cheeto Satan is the next President, and 2016 can officially suck it.

I’ve been in a daze for the past few days. 2016 has been a pretty crappy year overall, but this past Tuesday just confirmed it:

In less than 7 weeks, Donald Trump will take office as President of the United States of America.

From the day he launched his campaign, Donald Trump has consistently proved that he is a vile human being, absolutely unfit to be President and essentially the reincarnate of Hitler.

I also know that there are millions of Americans that agree with his racist and xenophobic beliefs, which are insanely ironic because (1) all four of his grandparents were immigrants, and (2) so are his 1st and 3rd wives. (It’s noted that his issue is really only with immigrants of color, but that’s beside the point.)

In the 18 months of his campaign, Trump demonized nearly every race and religion, mocked the disabled, disrespected veterans, denied climate change, consistently insulted his opponents, filed lawsuits against those he felt insulted him, and worst of all, boasted about grabbing a woman’s genitals and was unapologetic about it.

He¬†promised to “make America great again” without presenting ANY sort of policy or plans that showed how he would do so, flip-flops constantly, lies about nearly everything he’s said (even when it’s on record), and has incited and encouraged the type of blatant racism that was prevalent in the Jim Crow era.

Yet, he is now the President-elect.


I always try to understand another person’s point of view, even if I don’t agree with it. In that spirit, I’ve tried over the course of the campaign to get valid answers from Trump supporters as to why they prefer him over Hillary Clinton. Like the MC Lyte song, I cram to understand you.

Unfortunately, like the KKK, many of Trump’s followers are unwilling to show themselves. Of the few that are willing to admit their support, their reasoning has been either shallow or misguided:

“He’s gonna make American great again!” – What exactly does this mean?! What period of time is he referring to? Slavery? Jim Crow? Nothing about this slogan screams equality or fairness; it only exudes white privilege and bigotry.

“He is pro-life, and that aligns with my Christian faith.” – Nothing about Trump’s character exudes the love of Jesus: he is prideful and unapologetic, as well as called for the discrimination and assault of several different cultures and social group. And on the topic of the “pro-life” movement: unless you also champion for the lives of EVERYONE, you are not pro-life; you are anti-abortion.

“I hate Hillary Clinton because (insert reason)” – I definitely understand. Many people don’t trust Hillary, and many of their points are valid: she is by no means an ideal candidate. Yet it is blatantly obvious that she is exponentially more qualified than #Drumpf and to overlook that is highly irresponsible.

“The emails!!!” – The report is that Hillary lost 33,000 emails. On the flip side, the Bush administration lost 22 million. Try another excuse.

“The government is corrupt and he’s gonna shake things up.” – Yes, our government needs some serious reform. In a perfect world, we’d scrap everything and rebuild it from scratch. However, (1) I’m not naive enough to believe that could happen, and (2) Trump is the LAST person on EARTH that could shake things up and it be better than before. I’d rather challenge the status quo than willingly set us back 300 years.

Then there is the mass majority that are just firm in their ignorance. As proof, here is a clip from an actual Trump rally:

The morning after

Less than 24 hours after Clinton conceded, hatred was spreading like wildfire.

All over the nation, people were getting bold in their hatred. Adults are accosting strangers. Kids in schools are terrorizing their peers and spreading Nazi culture, which I’m sure they’ll regret once their brains are fully formed (if that ever happens). One Asian young lady was accosted by a white male then arrested after defending herself. (Silver lining: she won the fight)

As more and more stories pour in, It isn’t Trump’s bigotry and hatred that worries me; it is the actions of his idiot followers who take their hatred to the streets and terrorize others. Statements like “go back to (insert country)” infuriate me on so many levels, but mainly because unless you’re Native American, you are an immigrant too.

What, you ask, was Trump’s reaction to this mayhem? Hypocrisy.

Who’s to blame?

We can’t solely blame one segment of the population for their inaction or blatant disregard for the greater good of the country. (Although there’s a strong case that the majority of the blame goes to white men and women, as those groups leaned in his favor by 63% and 53% respectively)

When it comes down to it, this disaster is the aftermath of the perfect storm of circumstances:

  • The men and women who refuse to vote for a woman
  • Those who hate Hillary so much that they ignored Trump’s red flags
  • The people who didn’t vote at all
  • The disenfranchised ready to blow the entire government up
  • The uneducated that vote Republican against their best interests
  • The DNC that sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign
  • The racists that dream of a time when people of color were chattel


What we can do now?

There are petitions floating around to abolish the Electoral College, since #Drumpf lost the popular vote but got more electoral votes than Clinton. There are also talks to attempt to sway the electors to switch their votes to Clinton despite the potential backlash and steep fines. While noble, I don’t see any of these ideas working.

There are some practical things we can do in the meantime:

Stand up to abuse. If you witness someone being anything other than loving toward another person, confront them. Don’t allow that negative culture to thrive in your presence. The more people who fight the flames of hatred and ignorance, the quicker it can die.

Educate yourself about politics. When you can understand the root of the issue, you can take steps to rectify it. If you don’t know who your local officials are, you are behind.

Join the Injustice Boycott. (Click here to view) This boycott will target cities, states, and businesses that have been willfully indifferent to police brutality and racial injustice or are deliberately destructive. This easily extends to the culture of bigotry, xenophobia and sexism that Cheeto Satan has given a voice to.

Read and apply Michael Moore’s “morning after” list. (Click here to view) The filmmaker and activist laid out some practical steps we can take to ensure that the culture of true Americanism doesn’t get lost in this wave of idiocy.

We’ve gotten ourselves into this mess. Now it’s up to us to fix it.