400 Days

I’m tired.

I’m tired of writing post after post about the latest execution of another person at the hands of the #NewKluxKlan.

I’m tired of the media perpetuating the propaganda that fuels the systematic racism this country was built on.

I’m tired of people ignoring reality to remain comfortable in the status quo.

400 Days

New Klux Klan

It is painfully apparent that there is a subculture of law enforcement whose actions and character resemble the 21st Century Edition of the Klu Klux Klan. Thanks to social media, the world is becoming aware of cases where police officers are assaulting and arresting black and brown individuals for little other reason than asserting their power, “failure to comply” or because “they fit the description”. Meanwhile, there are citizens that support this bigotry through ignorance, bitterness, and/or blatant hatred. New Klux Klan

The Right Way To Protect And Serve

A young couple died in a car accident on their way home. When Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley went to inform the family of the tragedy, he was met by their four children in Halloween costumes.

The way Bradley went above and beyond the call of duty when tasked with such a difficult assignment is a beautiful example of those cops out there that embody what it means to really protect and serve.
The Right Way To Protect And Serve

The ‘Drunk History’ Retelling of a Harriet Tubman Story is Amazing

I am slow to joining the Drunk History train, but the Comedy Central show’s retelling of Harriet Tubman’s story has made me a fan.

Drunk History is a show where people get drunk and retell history stories, which are then reenacted by actors. The combination of Crissle, liquor and Octavia Spencer as Tubman is absolutely amazing and makes me wish that my history classes in high school were more like this. The ‘Drunk History’ Retelling of a Harriet Tubman Story is Amazing