The Tale Of Two Americas

I learned early on in life that we live in two different Americas: one for whites, and the other for people of color. Most white people are only aware of the one they live in, whereas everyone else has to maneuver in both to survive.

We constantly have to analyze and adjust our demeanor and behavior in order to avoid being profiled, labeled, criminalized or murdered just for possessing melanin. What I wear, how I speak, where I go; nothing I do is spontaneous. When you’re black (and a product of the inner city), you don’t make it to 30 being careless. Yet, even when you do everything “right”, you could still die. The Tale Of Two Americas

Cops Stick Together Even When They’re Wrong

James DuBose is one of the latest victims of police brutality in America. Within 5 minutes of being pulled over for not having a front license plate, DuBose was shot in the head and killed by University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing.

In the initial police report, Tensing claimed he was being dragged by the vehicle and was forced to shoot the driver in self-defense. Several officers corroborated Tensing’s story.

Yet, video footage of the actual incident shows Tensing shooting DuBose in the head before the vehicle started moving. Cops Stick Together Even When They’re Wrong