Trump Supporters Are As Dumb As You Think

Let’s forget about the extremely racist and insanely dangerous campaign that #Drumpf (aka Cheeto Satan) is running.

His supporters are morons.

It’s known that people have some insane conspiracy theories, but two of the dumbest conspiracy theories Trump supporters believe are as follows:

Hillary got AIDS from Bill hanging around Magic Johnson.
Yes, Bill was a hoe, but here’s no proof that (1) he has AIDS, (2) he got it from Magic Johnson, and (3) he slept with Hillary enough to give it to her.

9/11 is Obama’s fault.
In 2001, Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois Senate. The World Trade Center tragedy happened seven years before he was elected to the Presidency. He “wasn’t in the office all the time” because HE WASN’T IN OFFICE!

If it walks like a moron, talks like an imbecile, and looks like an idiot… it’s probably a Trump supporter.