Walter Scott: Another Statistic…

A few hours after I released a cover of “Goodbye Apathy”, the world and I learned about Walter Scott’s murder. The cop says he “feared for his life”, yet video shows the officer shooting the man several times in the back, putting him in handcuffs, then planting a weapon on him.

I’ve avoided videos like this in the past, but I needed to see this one. Point blank period, this was an execution.

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Even if you’re afraid to admit that this has racism written all over it, look at the facts: Man runs away from Cop for reasons that are completely irrelevant, Cop shoots and kills the man execution style, Cop cuffs dead Man, then plants a weapon on him.

In a perfect world, the cop would be thrown in prison with a guilty verdict. This is possible in this case, as the cop has been charged with murder and could possibly face the death penalty.

However, this is America: where white men have been killing black men for centuries and walking away scot-free.

Americans prefer to consider blacks as fantasy characters, because this makes our expectations of them seem reasonable. We adore them as entertainers, but despise them as neighbours. We want them to sing loudly, but die quietly.

Dexter Thomas, Jr.

Like most black males, I received “the talk” at a young age: where my mother informed me that regardless of how smart or law-abiding I am, my melanin makes me a target and I have to be very mindful of my actions around law enforcement.

I live in a country where the media showcases the yearbook photos of white suspects and the mugshots of black suspects, regardless of guilt. This type of propaganda has been used for centuries and is one of the main reasons why society subconsciously believes all black men are aggressive monsters to be feared.

To those spewing ignorance like “he shouldn’t have run” or “he must have been guilty of something”, do me a favor: high-five yourself in the face with a brick. Blaming Walter Scott for his own murder is white supremacy at its finest.

I pray for clarity and strategy, so I can do my part to stop the inherent slaughtering of my fellow brown brothers. It infuriates me to see yet another innocent person executed like this for no good reason, then vilified as if his murder was warranted.

I don’t care what kind of dirt they dig up on this man, there is NO reason he should have been murdered.

So long, apathy.

(originally posted on No Average Journey)